Continuous education, everyday growth and implementation of new ideas and techniques in dental medicine, are of the utmost importance for successful treatment of all conditions affecting the stomatognathic system. In the spirit of these postulates, but also in the spirit of knowledge transfer as top ideal, the Implantologia Basica school was established in 2016. Led by Spec. Dr. Danco Bizevski and his team, Implantologia Basica has a responsible, difficult, but also noble mission: Education for doctors of dental medicine, specialists in oral surgery, prostheticians and periodontics doctors, in the field of setting up dental implants. During these years, 6 successful courses have been organized, with a special and regularly updated program, passed by more than 1000 students, graduated dental medicine doctors, specialists and interns in all stomatology areas. The complexity of oral implantology is completely and thoroughly analyzed with emphasis on anatomy, planning process, oral surgery and prosthetics principles, so this school is a unique opportunity for candidates to fully learn and practice all phases of implantology therapy, on phantom, animal models and live.


Theoretical part

History and development of implantology; Engineering aspects of implantology;
Myths and truths in modern implantology; How did we get here? Basis of oral surgery and implantology;
Anatomy of head and neck; Topographic anatomy of head and neck; Sterilization; Conditions of sepsis and antisepsis;
Diagnostics; Planning of implantology therapy with management of basic surgical protocols.
Immediate and mediate implantation;
Techniques of bone augmentation;
Complications and management of complications in implantology therapy.

Practical work

Introduction to practice; Introduction to basic implantology and oral surgery instruments;  
Simulation of patient and surgical operation field.
Practical work with animal and phantom jaws; Incision; Raising the mucoperiosteal lambo; Preparation of the implant basis;
Setting of 4 implants by each participant; Suturing; Discussion about the complications and other challenges in dental practice.



Planning and performing the prosthetics phase of the therapy;
Presentation of various prosthetic solutions;
Basic prosthetic principles and techniques of sealing over implants;
Practical performance of sealing techniques with open and close spoon;


Computer-guided surgery. 3D diagnostics and planning

Therapy planning and forum;
Basics of radiographic patient evaluation; scanning techniques, work with tomography;
Radiographic reconstruction of maxilla and mandibula;
Computer-guided surgery;
Planning and setting up of implants based on real 3D scan with one of the most modern CBCT devices,  Rotograph Prime 3D;
All participants will get education in terms of 3D planning and diagnostics, as well as planning based on orthopantomogram. They will be introduced to all the advantages and disadvantages of these methods;
Case studies, complications and solutions. Open discussion;
We speak and debate publicly. Implantology is not a mystery if we work according to clear, precise principles and protocols.


Monitoring live surgery

The crown of the Implantologia Basica course, is the live video of a surgery through special real-time video connection. The course participants will have the exquisite opportunity to witness the performance of all aforementioned procedures in the operation hall. Nova Dental Surgery’s operation hall and our team open the doors of our institution in the name of science. In this context, the following complicated oral surgery procedures will be performed, followed by a forum discussion about them:

  • Implantation in maxilla with a closed sinus lift method.
  • Implantation in maxilla with an open sinus lift method.
  • Implantation in mandibula.
  • Immediate implantation.
  • Implantation of gingiva formers.
  • Sealing and performing definite prosthetic constructions (Open and close spoon technique) on a real patient.