Modern stomatology cannot be imagined without solid X-ray diagnostics , as addition to all other diagnostic methods.

Nova Dental Group, offers services of one of the most modern digital X-ray devices Villa Rotograph Prime 3D, characterized by preciseness and safety with low levels of radiation. X-ray diagnostics in stomatology, especially oral surgeries and implantology, is a key factor for predictability and therapy success. This system can visually present all anatomical structures of the lower and middle facial area, including jaws, teeth, maxillary sinuses, temporomandibular joint and all nerve- vascular structures of interest, with the high precision 3D resolution. Besides that, there is the possibility of digital measurement of these structures’ dimensions and changes.

Digital 3D and 2D panoramic X-rays are readily available on monitor, through contemporary software where the digital file of the patient is prepared and available at all times.

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