Specialist check up and treamtent planning 35 eur
Panoramix 20 eur
3D CBCT 100 eur
Intraoral incision 50 eur
Extraoral incision 50 eur
Tooth trepanation 35 eur
Simple tooth extraction 50 eur
Complicated tooth extraction with roots separation 100 eur
Surgical extraction of residual roots 130 eur
Surgical extraction of fractured tooth 130 eur
Surgical extraction of semiimpacted tooth 130 eur
Surgical extraction of impacted tooth 200 eur
Apicoectomy (incl.root filling) 200 eur
Cystectomy 200 eur
Benign tumor removal (incl.patohistology) 200 eur
Soft tissue surgery (frenulectomy, vestibuloplasty) 150 eur
Oroantral communication management 200 eur
Oroantral communication management with root removal from maxillary sinus 300 eur
Open sinus lift surgery 600 eur
Closed sinus lift surgery – Summers technique 300 eur
Bone grafting with xenograft and collagenic memmbrane 450 eur
Bone grafting with xenograft, autograft, PRF, PRP and collagenic memmbrane 700 eur
Socket preservation 200 eur
Corticotomy 200 eur
Кортикотомија на импактиран заб 150 eur
Surgical extraction of supernumerary teeth 200 eur
Surgical hemostasis of intraoral bleeding 100 eur
Tooth reposition and fixation 100 eur
Surgical treatment of dry socket 50 eur
Conservative pericoronitis treatment 50 eur
Dental implant ICX Germany (abutments included) 500 eur
Dental implant Shutz Germany 500 eur
Dental implant Biohorozions USA 600 eur
Dental implant Ankylos USA 600 eur
Dental implant Straumann Swiss 700 eur
All on four with multiunit abutments(Biohorizons USA) 3500 eur
All on six with multiunit abutments(Biohorizons USA) 5000 eur
Zirconia implant abutment 250 eur
Zirconia crown 250 eur
Metalceramic crown on implant 130 eur
Metalceramic crown 85 eur
Porcelain Veneers 250 eur
Acrylic denture (per jaw) 250 eur
Wiron prosthesis (with metal base) 350 eur
Wiron prosthesis with metalceramic crowns and attachments 700 eur
Temporary crown 35 eur
Acrylic partial temporary denture 35 eur
Periodontal conservative treatment 35 eur
Surgical treatment of bony defects with grafting 200 eur
Soft tissue periodontal surgery with grafting 300 eur
Endodontic treatment 50 eur
Nanocomposite restoration – one surface 20 eur
Nanocomposite restoration – two tooth surfaces 25 eur
Nanocomposite restoration – three tooth surfaces 30 eur
Composite veneer 35 eur
Glass ionomer restoration 25 eur
Medicament application 25 eur
Dental fissure sealing 25 eur