With the help of a digital CT scan, enabling 3D insight of the bone marrow and detecting possible lack of bone necessary for implant setup.  Such approach offers the possibility to add for the bone loss, by various surgical procedures such as increase of the maxillary sinus bottom, regeneration of the jaw bone tissue, with the aim  to safely set the implant. 

Implantology therapy today, is strictly individualized therapy with the patients’ needs, conditions and expectations as its’ center.

Whether one, several or all teeth are missing- tooth implants are today’s best solution for tooth loss.

After 40 years of usage, tooth implants have become a standard of stomatology. It is common knowledge that implants are titanium screws that are inserted in the jaw for support of artificial teeth made by high-quality materials.  

At our clinic, implantologist doctors use proven methods for dealing with all challenges in setting up dental implants.  The materials themselves are in accordance with all global and European standards, while implantology as an oral surgery branch, is a recognizable procedure. Our clinic hosts various educational events on this subject. 

Thanks to our rich experience and knowledge which we transfer as lecturers on congresses, and especially thanks to the close cooperation with prosthetics doctors and technicians, the extraordinary aesthetics and integrated implants in our clinic are not a coincidence, but a rule of conduct. implantologija_1

All on four – All on six

Concept which, thanks to the implanting at a certain angle, provides the possibility to set a temporary fixed bridge within 24 hours after setting up 4-6 implants per jaw. After several months necessary for the osteointegration of the implants, it is possible to replace the temporary bridge with acrylic teeth, with a definite one made with ceramic teeth. 


Bone loss replacement– bone augmentation.

Tooth loss is in most cases followed by bone loss, which is inadequate basis for implants. Implantologists can choose from a large variety of technical manufacturers  and products which serve as bone replacement.  At our clinic, we use only certified products of high quality and proven efficiency.

Artificial bone in the form of particles with various sizes, structures and properties, is efficient for filling of defects with a certain size and shape. 

If the bone volume is sufficient for the implant, the missing bone may be reconstructed simultaneously with the implant. In the case of larger defects, it is necessary to build the bone first, usually with blocks of the patients’ bone, taken from the back portion of the lower jaw. 

Bone extension – crestal split technique

If the local anatomy allows it, it is possible to avoid the building of bone blocks before setting up the implant (the blocks need a 4-7 months integration period before they implants can be set). In a lesser atrophy, the bone is extended with special instruments. In larger atrophy the jaw bone is split with ultrasound piezosurgery, then the implants are set in the added space.    


Raising the bottom of maxillary sinuses – sinus lift technique

The upper jaw has sinuses: air filled cavities, of individual size. When the upper molars are missing for a long time, sinuses descend at the expense of the bone. In this case, bone height is missing for implant setting. The problem is even more accentuated if the molars are removed because of advanced periodontitis, because the bone is destroyed by chronic inflammation. 

Luckily, surgical techniques for sinus lift, give promising results. Depending on the height of the existing bone, there is small (closed) or large (open) sinus lift. Both methods are highly successful and a part of our everyday practice. 


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