In order to maintain an average hygiene of the oral cavity, professional teeth cleaning is recommended twice a year. It should also be performed prior to any surgical interventions of the oral cavity in order to reduce the risk of infections. Professional cleaning is the first step of periodontal therapy. In special conditions such as pregnancy, patients with diabetes, patients on immunosuppressive therapy, in cases of difficult hygiene (i.e. compression for lack of space, motor or psychic reasons), and for patients on orthodontic therapy, it should be performed more often. It is important to note that patients with periodontal disease are included in the so-called “recall” system. Patients of the Dental Clinic Nova Dental with periodontal disease as well as patients with dental implants receive a booklet where dates of hygiene and health examination of the oral cavity are marked. Every fourth examination is free of charge.

Professional cleaning is performed at the prophylactic centre of the Dental Clinic Nova Dental according to high Swiss standards and includes:

  1. Instruction, motivation and correction of the oral cavity hygiene
  2. Removal of hard and soft deposits on teeth (with “sound” instruments, manual instruments, sandblasting)
  3. Polishing and fluoride treatment

Usually, it is conducted without anesthesia. For sensitive teeth, however, it is possible to anesthetize sensible areas.

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