Our dental office

The private medical institution Nova Dental Group is established on 07.12.2010 by the Bizevski family, as a dental department within the Polyclinic Nova Medical Group.

Since the very beginning our goal was to take care of oral health of the citizens in our country, so the opening of one such center was the fruit of this ambition of ours.

The professional personnel and high quality services are the imperative in our work, where we use therapeutic methods matching leading global standards. Within a very short period of time we achieved great successes measurable by the growing number of satisfied patients, which have decided to put their health in our hands. This patients bound us even more to be responsible towards them and all others that have decided to get treated in our clinic.

Nova Dental Group uses contemporary technology, diagnostics and therapeutic methods in solving all oral health problems, including all the oral-surgical and prosthetic procedures, treatment of teeth and mouth diseases and jaw anomalies.

In 2013 the clinic expanded with the opening of the oral surgery and implantology department within the Nova Dental Group. It is a specialized institution in surgical treatment of teeth and mouth disease, as well as implantology. The team led by Spec. Dr Danco Bizevski has performed numerous successful surgeries and it is a referent center of oral surgery and implantology, where numerous scientific and educational events are held.

The specialized clinic for oral surgery (mouth, jaws, teeth) Nova Dental Surgery is an accredited institution and referent center for education in oral surgery and implantology. We have organized numerous educational workshops with reputed institutions and doctors, introducing new standards in surgical treatments of mouth diseases. Nova Dental Surgery is accredited and licensed to conduct the implantology school “Implantologia Basica” which is held annually and includes programs for theoretical and practical education, as well as live surgeries with the aim to improve implantology procedures.

Finally, it is our greatest pleasure that we have gained friends among our smallest patients, which is the children, allowing us to lift prevention to the highest level using methods and procedures which won’t associate us as the “bad doctors” , but as the nice and funny friends.

With the goal the expand our working possibilities and conditions we opened a new clinic on a new location in 2017. Since the very beggining Nova Dental’s mission is to put smiles back on patients’ faces. With our advanced equipment and growing team of professionals, we offer a complete dental service in accordance with global trends.

Our continuous investment in knowledge, innovation and development has been well recognized and we have become one of the leading private dental clinics in the region.