8th International Congress of the Croatian Association of dental implantology- Slit, Croatia

Dr. Danco Bizevski along with his team, actively participated at the 8th International Congress on dental implantology in Split from 10-12 October 2019, organized by the Association of dental implantology of Croatia. The event was rich with numerous eminent lecturers, who introduced themselves with their views on issues and challenges facing modern implantology. Dr Bizevski and his team (co-autors: Kirilov B., Markoski N., Vlaski Z, Bajramov E) presented their topic , “Mandibular implantation in patients on bisphosphonate therapy and odontoma”, which started a serious discussion on the possibility and ways for treating patients with systematic oncological problems, but also local benign tumors which make implantology therapy more difficult.  Considering the fact that these are the challenges facing oral surgery and implantology in the future, this presentation came across great interest and approval by the auditorium, and many meaningful conclusions and directions of clinical practice were drawn out of it. 

Implantologia Basica 5.

Within the 3rd International Congress on medicine organized by the University of Tetovo in hotel Metropol, Ohrid there was a course on oral surgery and implantology Implantologia Basica 5. The course aim this year was introduction of dental medicine students to the basic oral surgery and contemporary oral implantology principles. Led by Dr. Danco Bizevski and prof. Dr Jetmire Alimani Jakupi, the course gave special attention to all pre-surgical, surgical and post-surgical complex procedures. Students had the opportunity to systematize and expand their theoretical knowledge, but also to practically perform implantological and prosthetic procedures on animal and phantom jaws. The course was held in a positive and friendly atmosphere, with great interest and motivation shown by the future dental medicine doctors in terms of implantology, and most importantly with respect towards one of the most serious branches of dentistry, oral surgery. The rector of the University of Tetovo Prof. Dr Vulnet Ameti and Dean of the Medical Faculty at the University of Tetovo Prof. Dr Kastriot Hadziredza also spoke at the course. They emphasized the importance of this course for future dentists, pointing out that the mission of Dr Bizevski and his team is an example that should be followed in order to provide better healthcare for future generations. The success of Implantologia Basica 5, opened a new area of cooperation and ideas, at pleasure of both sides and with the hope that they will continue in the future.