About Us

The private healthcare facility Nova Dental Group was established on the 7th of December, 2010 by the Bizevski family as a dentistry department within the Nova Medical Group Polyclinic.

Our aim from the beginning was to take care of the oral health of the citizens of our country and the opening of this kind of a healthcare center was the fruit of our ambition.

The professional staff and the high-quality service are an imperative for our work in which we use therapeutic procedures according to the world standards. In a short period we achieved great success that can be seen via the great number of satisfied patients who decided to put their health in our hands. These patients gave us an obligation to offer them and those who chose this institution even more responsible and dedicated treatment.

Nova Dental Group has a state of the art technology, diagnostic and therapeutic methods for solving all the oral health related problems including all oral, surgical and prosthetic procedures of treatment, treatment of teeth and mouth diseases and jaw anomalies. We have created an emergency dental center that works 24 hours, 7 days per week which is a huge benefit for every citizen that is facing pain or swelling that can seriously damage the general health of the people.

Our ambitions are directed towards continuous perfection and upgrade in all the fields of dentistry. Therefore on the 2nd of April, 2011 we concluded an agreement for cooperation with the renowned healthcare institution, Dentomedica, from the Republic of Greece and with renowned professors we organized a post-educational seminar on dental implants. In the spirit of good cooperation we provided an exchange of knowledge and experiences and as a result we obtained two courses in dental implants that were performed on patients.

The team expands in 2013 with the opening of Nova Dental Surgery within Nova Dental Group. It is a specialized institution for surgical treatment of teeth and mouth diseases and a specialized institution in the field of dental implants. The team is headed by Spec. Dr. Dancho Bizevski who has performed a great number of successful operations, while the institution at the same time is a referral center for oral surgery and dental implant where scientific, i.e. educational events take place.

Having into consideration the social and economic state of most of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia we have concluded contracts with companies via which our clients will be given the possibility to pay in installments. This will make their way towards a high-quality dental service easier and we, as an institution, will take part in the improvement of the overall oral health of our population.

Last, but not the least, we are most happy because we succeeded to make the youngest patients, our children, our friends and to increase the prevention to the highest level using methods via which they will not think of us as “the bad” doctor, but they will think of us as their funny friend.